Hi, I'm Lindy

I grew up in a large family of storytellers, and stories were practically in the air we breathed. I became a Christian when I was nine, and I noticed there were certain stories from the Bible and other books that stayed with me. In the church library, I found books about missionaries in China and Africa and was transported through the pages to mountain villages on the other side of the world. As I read more books, I became aware of the power of words not only to entertain, but to bring understanding and change. When my eighth-grade teacher wrote in the margin of my essay that I should be a writer, I realized there was nothing I wanted to do more—though it seemed like a far-off dream. Eventually, I did write stories, screenplay, and storyline for television and Sunday school curriculum while raising my four children. I draw on my varied background as a model and commercial actress right out of college, ministry leader, mother of four, and big sister of eight. I enjoy encouraging fellow writers and was extremely blessed to serve as the Director of the Oregon Christian Writers (OCW) Summer Conference in Portland for twelve years. I’m a longtime member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). My college sweetheart and I make our home in the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon. Though it’s been years since I left Kansas to pursue my dreams in New York and California, Kansas is never far from my heart, and I love trips “home.” There’s nothing like sister talk.