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Lindy writes contemporary fiction where the possibility of second chances exists. She is a speaker, writing workshop teacher, and served as director of the Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference for twelve years until 2022. She has a background in Christian Education. Originally from Kansas, Lindy and her husband make their home in the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon.
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The sea grass cast long shadows on the sand beyond the patio. The light was perfect, the kind that happens only a few days of the year. On their last afternoon here in the Hamptons before returning to the city, Emily was tempted to get her camera from her room and head down the beach, but it was only an hour before dinner, and if she went, she would need to take Megan, her 12-year-old sister. Their absence would be noticed.


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Second chances mirror God’s unending grace to us. God makes a way back for us.”

- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Stories reflect truth, showing us how to live …

- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
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If only she could go back and
do things differently!

New York photographer Emily McCann had been in love once, but she’d allowed her Wall Street attorney father to convince her to break her engagement to the handsome junior journalist Nick Tyler, and the young man had left for Europe shortly afterwards. Eight years later, a last-minute magazine assignment on Christmas Eve brings her face to face with the now award-winning journalist, newly returned to the states. Emily hopes time has softened his anger, but when they meet, he treats her like a stranger. She understands. She’d been weak, and any chance she’d had with him is gone. The years have taught her that her family’s values and hers are not always the same.

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